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We promote the solutions to the problems that face this Great Nation and discuss the genius of the founders' design for government as evidenced by the tools they gave us to correct a rogue regime. Stay updated on the national movement for an Article V Convention of the States. Our guests include local, state, and national political leaders, as well as local community and business leaders. In these troubled times, we Americans need to educate ourselves now, more than ever.


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[ Promo for the December 2nd, 2018 show with JD's guest Corey Lewandowski ]

Article Five Hour - December 2nd, 2018 Corey Lewandowski Promo

[ Ted Nugent - The Motor City Madman Interview From August 5th, 2018 ]

Ted Nugent in Studio with JD Smaylis at KFNX on 8.5.2018 part 1

Ted Nugent in Studio with JD Smaylis at KFNX on 8.5.2018 part 2

[ Judge Jeanine Pirro Interview From July 22nd, 2018 ]

[ Dinesh D'Souza Interview From September 3rd, 2017 ]

[ Vance Cast PHD Interview From April 22nd, 2018 ]

Watch the Vance Cast PHD Interview From April 22nd, 2018

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